Saturday, March 30, 2013

The wise man

 A caliph, shortly before his death, wanted to decide which of his two sons will take his place.He called them and told them to go in the desert and make a race with their camels to the caliphate. He told them that the winner will be the one with the camel who will finish second!

So, the two young men brought their camels in the desert, but none of them started the race and they didn't know what to do. They see a man and deciede to ask his opinion on how to solve the problem. The wise man whispers something to them and immediately take the two camels and start running towards the caliphate.

What the wise man told them?


  1. I think that I got the solution...
    The father said that the winner will be the one with THE CAMEL who will finish second, so a method to break the impasse is to move each other on the camel belonging to the other son.
    The winner coerces his brother to be the second (if he will finish the race) so his camel (which his brother will bring to the finish line) will make him the new caliph :)


  2. I said the same thing using a few words more, but the answer remains the same.

  3. You are RIGHT!!!